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Advocating for educational justice for all + opening pathways for students via tutoring and advocacy engagement.


With a nationwide advocacy team consisting of organizers from across three states, Saphron Initiative works diligently on policy reform.


Saphron Initiative is advocating for educational justice for all and opening pathways for students via tutoring and political engagement.

Tutoring & Programs

Saphron's services are entirely covered under our scholarship program, provided to all and fully funded by donors.


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Our Free Programs

Saphron Initiative's free and available youth-to-youth tutoring programs are dedicated to ending the opportunity gap one student at a time.

Grades 2-6

Homework Helpers

Assisting students with basic homework and short term assistance, available as one of Saphron's free-of-charge services, ensures students have systems of support.

Grades 2-6


With tutors in all core subjects as well as public speaking/speaking confidence, Saphron Initiative exceeds in providing a sufficient system of student support and tutoring.

Grades 7-10

Study Sessions

Saphron Initiative runs group study sessions and prep-courses in mathematics, statistics, computer science and more.


Transforming education access because education is a human right.

Saphron Initiative Tutoring FAQ

FAQ #1

What's the difference between each of Saphron's programs?

Tutors provide assistance to students in core classes at school and work directly off local curriculum, both helping struggling students and encouraging students to advance ahead. Meanwhile course programs cover specific non-curriculum topics and content over a certain amount of time.

FAQ #2

What platform are lessons conducted on?

All lessons will be held primarily through Zoom or Google Meet (depending on the tutor). If there are any specific issues with this, special requests can always be made to switch to other platforms and accommodate accordingly

FAQ #3

What is included in a lesson?

Both the structure and content of a lesson depend on the tutor, but will usually start off with a presentation or learning excercise followed by guided work or content review. Some modules like public speaking will run on differing class structures.

FAQ #4

Q: How much does tutoring cost?

Nothing! Part of our mission is to provide quality peer-to-peer instruction for students. Our organization’s goal is equitable access to education for all, so we don’t charge. Occasionally, we may ask for donations though to keep our organization running!

What Saphron Advocacy does.

Saphron Initiative's youth organizers, under our advocacy team, work diligently on education policy, research, political connection-building and more.

For students, by students.

Working with other youth-led organizations and initiatives, unifying youth over an uncommon topic of youth advocacy: education itself.

Intersectional Organizing

Connecting education access and equity to relevant policy in likeminded fields, intersectional advocacy for policies of liberation and justice

Political Advocacy

Working to defend education against privatization and advocating for increased resource access via #EdReform, ultimately aiming to close the opportunity gap.

Who We Are

Our Team

Zakareya Hamed

Founder & National Director of Advocacy

Zakareya Hamed is a youth advocate and student organizer at McLean High School in Fairfax County, Va. Hamed co-founded Saphron Initiative with a mission of opening educational opportunities to a broader range of individuals and advocating for public education. Passionate about education access, he has worked with a broad range of officials in the past, including via interning for school board members and advocating for policy. In 2018, he was a guest at Plain Talk About Literacy and Learning and introduced education researcher Timothy Shanahan. Hamed's work has been featured in Justice for Society Magazine and on Saphron Initiative's Medium page. He serves as Co-President of the McLean High School Muslim Student Association.

Neha Chandran

Founder & Virginia Tutoring Director

Neha Chandran is a student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. Passionate about physics, she enjoys giving lectures across various topics such as optical computing and Einstein’s relativity theories, as well as documenting her writing in her blog. As the cofounder of Saphron Initiative, she hopes to spark curiosity in younger students across the board by providing a variety of opportunities targeted at both science and humanities. Additionally, she serves as an ambassador for Young Women in Bio (YWIB) and has been an invitee to the HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC).

Mlumbeni Nkhoma

Advocacy Organizer

Mia Tran-Luu

Social Media

Brynn Lee


Ellie Schwabish

Instructor & Outreach

Ariyana Hashemi

Social Media Lead

Nehal Bajaj

Advocacy Organizer

Dilnaaz Talwar


Addie Harris


Tanmayee Maddineni 


Siya Bulusu


Ashrita Gandhari


Ava Stewart

Advocacy Organizer

We're putting youth voices back in education.

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